Bipolar – Thank you. Yes, you.

Each and every one of us have built a strength and a determination to fight our battles tooth and nail. We’ve had to. And we should all feel proud.

It’s almost exactly four months since I began blogging. It has been, and still is, an incredible experience.

I’ve been so touched by the number of readers who follow ‘Talk and Cheese’.

You’ve given me the courage and confidence to write from the heart, when in the early days I felt horribly nervous and exposed.

Thank you.

I’ve had so many lovely comments and messages too. To hear that something I’ve recounted from my own journey has resonated with someone, been of some comfort, or helped someone feel less alone, makes me very happy.

Thank you.

And it works both ways. You can’t imagine how much you have helped me. By allowing me to open up, and to share my innermost thoughts and experiences, you’ve contributed hugely towards healing some very painful wounds.

Wounds that were resistant to treatment up until very recently, and had hurt for a very long time.

Thank you.

Life has changed over these past four months, and I don’t say that lightly.

Over the years, I’ve learnt to manage my illness, and have discovered a life that’s not totally governed by bipolar.

That’s not to say it’s ‘cleared up’ like a chest infection does. Being clinically bipolar means it’s with me every single day in life, and that will never change, but that’s ok.

But I know the hypomanic and depressive episodes will always pass. Eventually.

Even so, my discovery of the mental health community has really changed things for me.

When I set up ‘Talk and Cheese’ I joined Twitter and Instagram. Better late than never! And the love and support from fellow battling souls is just incredible. What a wonderful community to be part of!

I’ve found these platforms so enlightening. Not only am I learning about other people’s experiences of living with mental illness, but I’m also learning that the world is oozing with kindness and compassion. A bad day can be shared, and sometimes eased, by the support to be found on social media.

Thank you.

IMG_0307Each and every one of us have built a strength and a determination to fight our battles tooth and nail. We’ve had to. And we should all feel proud.

Every single battle, however bloody it may have been, has ended the same way. It’s been a victory.

It’s a tough road to travel at times, but you know what?

You’ve got this. You’re doing better than you think and you’ve got this.

Be well. x

Author: talkandcheese

I'm 44 and have just retired from having been a TV presenter for over 20 years to become a full time mummy and housewife. I live with my boyfriend and 5 year old son. Together we all live with my bipolar 2. I was only diagnosed 9 years ago and it had been an utterly chaotic ride prior to treatment and meds. Every day could be like chalk and cheese. Life is so much less frightening now, but I still get hypomanic episodes and depressive lows. The time feels right for me to share some of my story now, in which there were some devastating lows and some equally as frightening and exhausting highs. The process is helping me to heal, and I hope with all my heart may offer someone somewhere some level of comfort and support that they are not alone.

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  1. I’m soooo sorry for such a late response! But, thank you so much for your comment, and I’m delighted that you’ve discovered, and are enjoying my posts. I’m just about to check out your blogs! Have a wonderful Sunday, and be well. x

  2. This is absolutely hilarious!

    “Tom discusses how being a Thetan and signing a billion-year-long contract has helped him cope with his mood disorder”

    So funny! 🤣😘

  3. I love this blog!

    Since you were a TV presenter, I thought I’d share my old blog post that’s tv-related about my Bravo TV show concept. Please keep in mind that I don’t mean it to be offensive!! I really do have a good friend who works in television, though—we’ve been friends since I was 12.

    The post was written as an April Fool’s Day joke although you’ll see some readers thought it was serious!!

    Hope it makes you giggle a wee bit! 💖

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